Kai Ichinose ((いち)() (かい) Ichinose Kai?) is the main male protagonist of the series. He lives with his mother, in a run-down neighborhood that's right by a forest.


Kai has light brown hair, ruffled, and brown eyes. He does not wear luxurious clothes, but is still satisfied.


Kai is a very outspoken young boy who says everything he thinks. He feels no discomfort, and does not hesitate to fight against someone when what they say does not please him.


Kai lives with his mother in a very modest environment. One day he discovered the sleeping piano in the nearby forest when he was three years old. It was then that the boy considered the place as a refuge and the piano as his best friend. He learned to play it alone, to reproduce sounds in his ear, and even to compose his own melodies.


Kai meets with young Shuhei which gave him an opportunity to share his secrets and share his talents. He took him to the forest to show him the abandoned piano, but Shuhei did not let out any sound. Surprised, Kai began to play, of course. He turns out to be the only one who can play it. But he was all the more impressed when he saw his comrade play like a virtuoso, who learned the piano with the lessons. Although he hates an academic apprenticeship, he finally agrees to take classes with his music teacher, Ajino , who will teach him the necessary piano techniques. Despite the difficulties he encounters, the young Kaï remains just as motivated. Always hidden in the depths of the forest, Kai's talent only seeks to express itself in broad daylight, and to reach an increasingly large audience. The teacher then proposes to participate in a music contest, to show his great talent. He rejects this idea first, saying that he is not made for these events, and finally accepts, because it is a service rendered to thank Ajino for the classes he gave him. He has been training hard to reach a good level.



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