Sōsuke Ajino (阿字野壮介 Ajino Sōsuke?) is the one of the main male protagonist of the series. He is a music teacher and Kai's instructor, he is also a retired world famous pianist who had an incredible talent for it.


Sosuke is a man with medium-length black hair, to the shoulders, and black eyes. He was nicknamed "Ajino the Deathbringer" by the students because of his sinister pace. He dresses with a white shirt, green trousers, a green tie and a black jacket.



In the past, Sôsuke Ajino was a famous pianist, playing in the biggest concert halls on the biggest pianos in the world. He was promised a great career while he was only a student. A large piano, with particularly heavy keys, was even conceived to measure for him, so that he could express the full extent of his talent. However, fate decided otherwise, and Ajino suffered a car accident while he wanted to protect a girl, where he lost his girlfriend and was wounded in the left hand. He was able to regain a partial use of this hand, but this handicap ended his career as a pianist. He then decided to turn the page, and not to enter the world of piano. He got rid of his piano and decided to teach the music, without regaining the enthusiasm that animated before. Then, although he decided to stop the piano, he still wanted to find the famous piano designed for him. He learned that he was in the nearby forest, and he found it. However, he could not get out any more sounds. Since then, he has completely stopped the piano to become a music teacher in the school of Kai and Shuhei.


But one day, Shuhei announces that Kai plays a piano in the forest, and that he manages to produce sounds and beautiful melodies. Surprised, Ajino decides to see him with his eyes and goes to the forest, at night, hoping to find Kai there.



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