Shūhei Amamiya (雨宮修平 Amamiya Shūhei?) is one of the main male protagonist of the series. He is a transfer student hailing from a lineage of distinguished pianists, resents expectations of seeing through his family’s musical legacy.


Shuhei has black hair and black / purple eyes. He wears very well kept outfits, being a child of good family.


Shuhei is at first a little shy, and also cautious. But with the meeting of Kai Ichinose, he will assert himself and dare things he would never have done before.


Shuhei was born into a wealthy family. He has learned and played the piano since he was four years old. He seems determined to become a professional pianist to pursue the family legacy. Thus, he trains very hard every day for hours and hours, making him a virtuoso. However, he admits no imperfection, so his game lacks sensitivity, his studies did not lead him to look for his own voice. Moreover, Shuhei sees the piano only as a future that has already been traced rather than a source of pleasure.


One day, Shuhei moved from Tokyo to visit his sick grandmother. He was transferred to Moriwaki School with hope and ambition for this new life. There he meets a strange boy, Kai Ichinose , who claims to be able to play the abandoned piano of the forest. Curious, Shuhei decides to take up a challenge, that of playing this famous piano. However, he does not succeed, but only Kai manages to produce a sound. The young Shuhei is then surprised by the game of Ichinose which is full of lightness. Character and living conditions totally opposite, they will still become friends through the link that unites them: music.



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